My name is Nana Boateng. I am a Statistician, Econometrician and a Data Scientist:

  • I am interested in Applying mathematics, statistics,economics and computer science concepts in solving business, economic, finance and industrial problems.
  • I am broadly interested in applied statistical methods such as non-parametric methods,exact statistical methods, bayesian inference, hierachical/multilevel models, time series, survival analysis ,Markov Chain Monte-carlo etc.
  • Machine learning (deep learning, recommender systems, natural language processing, network analysis), Clustering Algorithms, Dimensionality Reduction
  • Sample Size Estimation and Power Analysis.
  • Optimization techniques (linear / nonlinear programming, dynamic / stochastic programming)
  • Quantitative finance ( Monte Carlo simulation, risk quantification, portfolio optimization, economic scenario generation)
  • Distributed computer storage and processing : Spark, SQL ,GPU computing

Programming Languages:

  • R, Matlab, Python,Julia,Scala, C++, Octave, SAS, Stata

My History

I begun my academic research career in bio-statistical fields such as applying statistical models in investigating pediatric and thoracic oncology. I have being involved in applying state of the art machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing techniques in solving problems in the automobile industry, finance and insurance industries.


  • Ph.D (2016), Statistics, University of Memphis
  • M.Sc (2014), Statistics, University of Memphis
  • MA (2017), Economics, University of Memphis
  • M.Sc (2012), Mathematics, Middle Tennessee State University
  • B.Sc (2007), Mathematics , Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology